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Marina Rules

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Marina Rules

The discharge of oil, or oily waste into or upon navigable waters of the U.S. such as the Broadkill River, is prohibited and subject to a $5,000 penalty. Use the dump station for your porta potties. DO NOT Dump Sewage into the Marina. The Nearest Sewage pump out for your Marine Sanitation Devices is at Anglers Marina next to Irish Eyes in Lewes and they have agreed to service you for a one time fee of $25.00.

Use the trash can next to the gas pumps for your trash. It is illegal to litter in water or within 3 miles of ocean, rivers, lakes or ponds.

As a marina user you are responsible to report all fuel/oil and sewage spills to a SBL employee, if one can not be reached go to site 11 on Riverfront Road or site 134 on Dolphin Road. The coast guard can be reached by 1-800-662-8802. Call 911 to report a fire and all emergencies. Steamboat Landing's address is located above the phone booth to the left of the laundry facility. The boater who spills will be responsible for the cleanup costs of their spill.

Boaters are responsible to report to the store when they witness vandalization or people entering boats that are not they're own. If possible, follow the people to their sites, all we need is a site # and description and we can evict them from the park.

Under Hurricane Warning you must remove your vessel (boat) from Steamboat Landing LLC's marina or it will be removed by an employee and placed on your campsite for a fee.

It is unlawful to transfer gasoline from one container to another container while in the Marina.

No Crab Pots allowed in MARINA.

Crab traps and crab lines must not be left unattended.

Crabbing in designated areas only.

No extension cords allowed.

No major repairs, other than minor repairs and routine maintenance, shall be performed on any vessel in the marina.

All refueling will be done at the Gas Dock.

No passengers on board while refueling.

No smoking while refueling.

Boat must be secured to the dock while fueling.

No Overnite sleeping on-board vessel.

It is prohibited for any vessel to dock within the MARINA complex unless the owner pays required fees, except vessels docking at refueling stations to take on fuel.

NO Swimming or Diving in Marina.

No person shall go aboard any vessel docked or stored without owner's permission.

The Marina is for recreational boating only.

Docking of vessel will be permitted only in designated areas as assigned by Marina Manager.


Vessel Owners are solely responsible for proper docking, mooring, and securing their vessels at all times.

Vessel Owners are responsible for securing their vessels and equipment on board to prevent vandalism and theft.

Management is not liable for any damage or loss to any vessel due to theft, vandalism, fire or other causes.

Children 12 years and under must wear a floatation device while in Marina or on the docks.

Boat Slips are NOT transferable.

Boat Slips are for sole use of Rentor's Boat.

Management has the assignment of seasonal boat slips when not occupied by Rentor's Boat.

Marina users who do not follow the above rules are subject to Managements Decision. For example, you may lose your boat slip and/or campsite.

Vessel Owners are responsible for their guests, and must make them aware of marina rules. If your guests break our rules you can loose your boat slip and possibly your campsite as well.

When using our dump station, Do not drink from the hose at the dump station. Only use the hose for dump station purposes.


All boats must be taken out of our marina during a Hurricane Warning. Any boat not removed by owner will be taken out of the water and placed on your campsite. Boaters are responsible for the costs involved with moving you boat.

Campers must turn off their propane tanks and other gas sources.

Campers must take down their screen rooms or at least tie them down. Campers are responsible for damages caused by their screen rooms in the event of bad weather.

Campers must place all unsecured outdoor items inside their trailers.

Campers must have fire extinguishers in their campers and in their boats.

Steamboat Landing LLC is not responsible for damages that occur during hurricanes or any other storms, natural disasters, ext.

For a list of evacuation procedures, supplies or shelters report to the Steamboat Landing General Store.


Last modified on:05/23/2011